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How to Set Up AOL Mail Settings – Settings

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For all those who are interested in sending and receiving AOL mails then you have landed at the right place. The primary step is to set up your AOL server settings. So, read this complete article and we will guide you to set up your AOL mail settings. 

How to Set Up Your AOL Server Settings

Mostly, email applications permit you to fix up SMTP, IMAP, and POP settings through account settings. For that, your email application should be linked with your AOL account. Enter the SMTP details and set POP/IMAP account settings to enable incoming and outgoing mail servers.

How to manually set up protocols in Microsoft Outlook account settings?

1. SMTP:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Then, open File > Info > Account Settings > Server Settings.
  • Next, select Outgoing Mail and enter the appropriate settings.

2. AOL SMTP Settings

AOL Server name:

Server Port: 465

Encryption: TLS/SSL

SMTP Username: entire AOL email address (including the “”)

SMTP Password: AOL account password

This outgoing server mail setting can be used to set up your AOL app for Windows 10, Mac, Android mobile app, or a web browser.

3. POP and IMAP:

Once your SMTP settings are set in your mail app, then start sending outgoing mail from your AOL account. But you will require the AOL Mail POP/IMAP settings to accept incoming mail.

Like installing your SMTP settings, the configuration of your AOL mail IMAP/POP setting is required.

  • Outlook account holders, go to File > Info > Account Settings > Server Settings. 
  • Next, select an Incoming Mail and enter network settings.

AOL mail settings that you require to establish for incoming server protocol:

4. AOL POP Settings

AOL POP Server name:

Server Port: 995

Encrypted connection: SSL

5. AOL IMAP Settings

AOL IMAP Server name:

Server Port: 993

Encrypted connection: SSL

When you’re done setting up your incoming mail server account from then you will start welcoming your AOL webmail on your email application.

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How to Configure AOL Mail Settings?

If you are one of those who are contemplating making your AOL mailbox more effective, or you desire to yield it some personality, then you need to customize your AOL email settings.

For that, you don’t have to be an advanced user or a techie to configure your mail setting in your AOL mail account.

Now, follow these steps to access AOL mail settings:

1. First, sign in to your AOL Mail account.

AOL Mail Settings

2. Then, select Options.

3. Click on the tab settings to change.

When you’ve clicked the mail settings tab, then you get different settings that can be used for customization:

1. General Settings:

With General Settings you can customize all the essential perspectives of your AOL mail account, such as:

  • Today on AOL: It shows the latest news, mail tips, and unread emails.
  • Sender Name Display: Check whether you need to present the sender’s name or email address.
  • Reading: select how the emails will be arranged in your inbox.
  • Auto Sign Off: Fix your email settings automatically to sign off after a precise duration of time. This is effective if you use a public computer or in case you skip to log off.
  • Theme Suggestions: Modify your mail interface by engaging AOL app themes.
  • New Mail: Select whether you aspire to be suggested when a new email will come or customize your notification settings.
  • Mail Away Message: Report senders of your inadequacy with a mail-off message. Either design one or utilize a predefined one.
  • Contacts: Decide how you crave your contact data presented.
  • Pop-up Windows: Verify “Always write mail in a new window” to assure that whenever you compose an email, it initiates in a new window.

2. Compose Settings:

Compose Settings administer with the outgoing email configuration. Follow the different settings to compose email settings.

  • Cc/Bcc: Determine if you require Cc or Bcc options revealed while composing messages.
  • Default Compose Mode: Decide how the email compose screen is displayed.
  • HTML: Generate a signature and authorize Rich Text/HTML editing to utilize your favored font style, size, and color.
  • Display Name: Enter the name that recipients can recognize when you send an email.
  • Compose mail in a pop-up screen: Compose new emails in a pop-up screen.
  • Compose mail in full plane compose: Compose new emails in a full plane format.
  • Compose mail in a separate window: Compose new emails composed in a different window from your mailbox.
  • Autosave: Choose autosave if you desire your email to automatically save after a desired amount of time.
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Sending: Enable sending options by:

  1. If you want to check spellings of your before sending.
  2. If you desire to automatically send an email to your contact list.
  3. If you are willing to get an email confirmation to arrive on a separate page.

3. Filter Settings:

1. For creating a filter:

  • Click on Create Filter.
  • Make sure you enter the parameters of the filter.
  • Then, click the Save button.

2. For editing a filter:

Create filters to assure that the incoming AOL emails are sent where you want.

  • To edit a filter, move your mouse on the filter name.
  • Click on the Edit button. 
  • Enter the changes you wish to make.
  • Then, click on the Save button.

3. For deleting a filter:

Delete a filter by selecting the X button next to Edit.

4. Spam Settings:

Customize these spam email settings:

  • Spam Filter: Set the filter to a more stringent level to evade experiencing spam messages.
  • Content Filter: Generate a filter with any keyword such that emails will directly to the spam folder.
  • Block Senders: Make a blacklist of senders so that you don’t receive emails. 

5. Calendar Settings:

Adjust calendar settings for AOL emails and click on the Save button to finalize your selection:

  • Default View: Choose a default view – Day, Week, or Month.
  • Time Zone: Select a time zone.
  • Display: Select at what time you start your day.

How to Resolve Issues to configure AOL Mail Settings?

AOL mail settings display error messages while you configure your mail settings. Follow these steps to quickly fix this issue:

  • Visit Click on the mail icon to sign in to your AOL account.
  • Then, go to My Profile.
  • Click on Change Password. Then, sign in to your account.
  • A new window appears. Here, select Manage App Passwords.
  • Choose your device.
  • Next, click on Generate password and observe the instructions to generate a password.
  • Then, choose the password and email address to sign in to your email.

Once you have followed all the steps, you should be able to configure your AOL settings. In case you have multiple devices, then check your AOL mail and follow these steps.


AOL mail emphasizes compelling mail client features that are easy to set up your AOL account on any application of your choice. Also, you get the benefit of customizing your AOL mail settings to fulfill your needs.


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