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Hey spectators!! Are you also looking for the login portal of Vss Voltess?

Notably, if it’s YES, then here in this login guide, we will gonna tell you everything about the Voltess, its login pattern and, FAQs associated with it,

So, you all have to do is to view this article until the closure to get to know everything regarding the Voltess login

Login Qualifications Needed for vss Voltess Account Login

  • Next, you will constrain the official web location of the vss Voltess site.

  • And lastly, the details of account login lyk user id and ur password.

Vss Voltess Account Login Steps

  • Now, you will have to enter the login details of your account in their respective fields.

  • Enter the user ID along with your account password in their given areas.

  • And if you wish to save your user ID for the furture then, you can click on the “Yes:- Remember user-id” option.

  • After entering the login details of your account you will have to click on the “Sign in” button appearing at the top right of the login page.

  • That’s it, if the particulars which you have entered were accurate then, you will reach on the dashboard of your account.

VSS Voltess Account Password Reset Procedure

  • At first, you will have to visit the official web address of the “Voltess” site,

  • On reaching the login page of your account, at its menu, you will see the “Forgot Password” option, click on that and adv further.
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  • HERE, the password reset page of your Voltess account will appear and now fill in the info asked by you to enter.

  • Insert the user ID of your account in the given field.

  • After that you have to hit the next button appearing at the top right of the forgot password page.

  • Now, you will receive a temporary password from the Volt self service customer support on the email address which is registered and linked with your Voltess account.

Note:- If you have forgotten your email address which is linked to your Voltess account or want to update it then, read the FAQs section there we have discussed this

  • So, without any delay, go to your email inbox, read the email and, do the exact steps which are told in that.
  • After that, log in to your account with that temporary password and later on you can change it in your account section.

VSS Voltess Customer Care Number and Timings to Contact Them:-

  • If you want to contact the TECHNICAL team reg your account problem (user id, password or email address update) then, make a call on 888-418-4357 and, timings to call them are btw 5 am to 7 pm.

  • Make a call at 844-880-9154 if you want to ask them regarding your PAYROLL or queries rel to it and timings to call them are btw 6 am till 5 pm.

  • Make a call at 855-226-0913 if you won’t have questions regarding the BENEFITS and other perks

  • To contact your HR Department you have to make a call at 866-898-0005

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FAQs Related to VSS Voltess and its Login Guide:-

Q1. How can I change or update the email address of my Voltess account?

Ans:- To update or change the email address of your account, you have to email them at

Or you can contact the technical team number given below

Q2. How can I reset my Voltess account password?

Ans:- For resetting your acc password follow the below:-

  • Visit the Voltess login page,
  • Tap at the “Forgot password” from the menu bar,
  • Enter the “USER ID” of your account,
  • Hit the “NEXT” button,
  • You will now have a temporary password on your email linked with this account,
  • Read the email carefully and, then login to your acc wd that temp password,
  • Lastly, update your details after that

Q3. What is the temporary password of the new employees?

Ans:- The temporary password for new employees consists of:-

  • First 2 characters of their last name,
  • Their SSN or National ID wd out spaces,
  • In the last, it will have a “$” dollar symbol

Q4. What is the official website location of the VSS Voltess site?

Ans:- Click on this given link and you will land on their site directly

Q5. How to get in touch with the Voltess customer care team?

S.No.DepartmentTimingsContact No.Email ID
1Technical Support5 am to 7
2Payroll 6 am till 5
3Benefits and other perksunknown855-226-0913unknown

Final Words

So, that was all about the VSS Voltess and its complete login guide

We hope that the reader has enjoyed browsing this article and have discovered it knowledgeable and helpful for them

Read the above portal thoroughly and, after that, it will be really quick for you when you do the same procedure on your account at your own

And, if any hurdle undergo while doing the steps or anything related to your account then, contact on the abv contact numbers


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