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Are you aware of the fact that Walgreens is one of the second-largest pharmacy chain stores in the United States of America? If not, then go through this article and know more about Walgreens.

The Employee Login of Walgreens comes with some benefits that are offered to the employees such that they can smoothly access email addresses, utilize working hours, Handbook, helpdesk, salary slip, employee pay stub, and other services.

The company also offers different Walgreens Employee Benefits and privileges through their Walgreens Employee website.

Now, if you are one of those who is functioning for the Walgreens Retail Company, then also you can note down the benefits, and privileges offered to the employees.

Walgreens Home Page Login

Walgreens retail company has been addressed in offering benefits to its employees and associates at the Walgreens Home Login.


Here, the registered employees can access their business details and company facts.

The idea behind constructing this online website was to deliver the maximum comfort and manageable availability of resources to the business associates.

These business associates are responsible for making effective coordination lessons and strong relationships between employees and efficient business protocols.

Besides, poor situations, it gets essential to have a portal that can deliver ongoing connections between employees and the business. login is the official employee portal where the company members and registered members of the company can access their website resources and company profile.

Steps to Login to Walgreens Employee Portal

To login to the portal, the employees need to have the essential login credentials to access the Walgreens account.

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For that, you need to follow these steps to login into the Walgreens employee portal:

  • Here, under the login section, enter the required login credentials including Authenticator ID and Password.

  • Make sure you enter the proper details and then click on the Login button. 

  • With a click, you are headed to your employee account.

Now, you are successfully logged into your account.

How to Reset Walgreens Account Password?

If you have forgotten your account password then you don’t need to worry much.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps to reset your Walgreens account password:

  • Then, click on the search button.

Walgreens Employee Login

  • On the Walgreens employee home page, click on the Home button on the right side. 

  • Here, click on the Password maintenance button.

  • Then, you are directed to a new window, click on the “Forgot your Password? option.

  • Next, you are again redirected to the Authenticate password window where you have to enter your Login ID.

  • Once you have properly entered your Login credential then click on the Continue button.

  • Once you click on the continue button, then you are asked to enter the answer to the security question. Make sure you answer this question efficiently to verify that you are the owner of this account.

  • Once you answer then you can enter a new password.

  • Confirm your new password for Walgreens Employee and click on the Update button.

  • With that, your password can be successfully retrieved.

Walgreens Employee Benefits:

Walgreens understands that incorporating distinct individuals, opinions, and views can extend their workplace culture.

With that, they can motivate their team members to feel valued and involved.

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Walgreens only considers their employee’s drive as they know that their employee’s well-being is important and wealth is well simulated for their market. Well,

Walgreens is known for offering a wide variety of advantages to qualified team members.

They are created to help the physical, economic, and emotive well-being that helps to balance your job and life.

In addition to that, there is a company-paid life insurance policy and unforced life and personal misfortune insurance available to all the team members of Walgreens.

But keep in mind that these benefits differ based on location, the number of regularly scheduled hours performed,

Employment span, team member status, and job statuses like seasonal, part-time, or temporary). List of Walgreens employee benefits:

Time Off:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Vacations
  • Disability

  Profit-Sharing and Stock Purchase Plans

  • Profit-Sharing Plan
  • Organization Match
  • Employee Stock Investment Plan

Voluntary Life & Personal Accident Insurance

There are beneficial, qualified, hourly, and salaried team members who can buy a higher level of term life insurance willingly.

Company-Paid Life Insurance

The team members are eligible for company-paid term life insurance benefit which amounts to:

  • 1.5 times yearly base salary for all the salaried team members and recorded nurses, all hourly-paid team members, and assistant store manager.

  • 25,000 for all hourly-paid team members.

 Health, Prescription Drugs, Dental, and Vision

  • Numerous Providers and Plan Levels
  • Optional Orthodontia Scope

  Other Benefits

  •  Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  •  Employee Discount
  •  Employee Purchase Program
  •  Flu Shots and Travel Consultations
  •  Added Benefits Program Child Care
  •  Prescription Savings Club
  •  Transportation Benefit Plan
  •  Work & Life Aids

Walgreens Employee Helpdesk

  • Walgreens HR number for employees- (847) 914-2500
  • Walgreens Contact Us:
  • Walgreens Contact Us- +1 (847) 315-3700
  • For any immediate queries, you can reach out to Walgreens at 1–800–925–4733


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